We offer concrete flat work for driveways, patios and walks in a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes. Add curb appeal and aesthetic value to your home at a competitive cost today.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposing the aggregate in concrete can bring your driveway, patio or walkway a whole new level of design quality. The pebble-like finish is perfect for pool deck surfaces because it is highly slip resistant.

Concrete Exposed Aggregate

Salt Finish

A salt finish is a perfect solution for adding some subtle texture to your hardscape surfaces. Salt finishes leave a speckled pattern, similar to weathered rock. With very little additional equipment needed, this is a cost effective solution to add unique design quality to your project.


With all the added value of regular concrete, such as durability and easy maintenance, stamped concrete adds a decorative touch to hardscape projects. Stamped concrete has great things to offer in terms of patterns, colors, longevity and customization.